Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My great uncle passed away in Uganda and has an account in Syria where money is and I need your help....

I have decided now when these money scam emails come that I will leave them in my SPAM file to avoid any viruses from "clicking here".  Instead I copy and paste the email address that it comes in from (as posted below if you wish to use), into a new message, and I send back the following, or similar, love note:


Subject: Fuck off

Nicolle Weir 1:24 PM

To: Vandammepost@aol.com

Dear Sirs/Madames,

Please be advised that if I get one more email from this address I will use whatever it takes, whatever connections I have, and find you. I will hunt you down and make you regret ever using my email address, as many already do! 

I think my favorite idea thus far has been to move in next to you and go off my medication.  "Wouldn't you like to be my neighbour" (sing along if you know it).  If going off my meds makes me use your lawn as my potty, or light fire to your driveway much like Amanda Bynes, so be it.  I love a good driveway bonfire.  

I am good with it.  I don't give a shit about your dead uncle in whatever country he died in.  I don't care about the money he left you or how I might be able to get my hands on it.  I AM confident I am not "losing out on a financial reward". 

More so I am saving my family from the financial downfall of bail when I make that trip to find you!

Is this clear enough for you?  Have we bonded?

Yours mentally unstable,

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