Friday, August 2, 2013

"Green's Everyone's"

The linked story below ripped at my heart strings for not only this mother and child, but society.  Two steps forward, one redneck step back.

Then the story made me so mad I wanted to write a lovely long rant about how I am going to become a total redneck racist, more so than I am frankly.  Maybe a rant where I try to start my own non fan club group against rednecks, we could use Paula Dean's picture on our tshirts.  But finally, the valium kicked in and I calmed down and realized the wee hypocrisy there. 

Let me say this about the story in a slightly racist way I guess you could say.  I would have killed that redneck f*ck if he touched my child, and I do mean life ended when I say it here.  The minute this happened, had it been me, my mind would have done to that rage place.  It's very dark once it snaps, I don't see much but my target.  I would have seen nothing but this smoke smelling, cammo wearing, Duck Dynasty bearded fucktard and likely tackled him.  The only good part is when confronted by the police I get to yell "sorry I am bi polar".  Oh and that he accosted a small child, touched without permission, a small child first.  Holy jesus this makes me angry.  Read the attached link, see how you do with it.

And oddly enough just yesterday I can directly link myself to this story.  I was at a nail place getting me a wee mani as I deserve a little self love now and again.  It was Korean owned, I asked.  I am always curious about languages and art, sometimes the alters and worship set ups etc.  I have an enquiry mind.  I am also nosey so when they speak a foreign language while working on my hands I say, "did you just tell her my hands are a nightmare?"  When they say no, I usually say something like "come on you did didn't you?".  I can actually get them to a point where they are teaching me their language.  I like to have fun when I get my manis.  And this distracted me from the fact this lovely man, closely shaven, lovely hands, slicked back thick black hair, had at least five random hairs on his face that were at least 5 inches long!  Just long black, curly due to length, random facial hairs.  No moles/beauty marks, just hairs.  It wasn't something I found overly attractive, yet I couldn't stop looking every time he put his eyes down to my hands my eyes went to his "hairs".  *gag*.  Yep, I didn't do well meeting those random fellas.

Wow, thought I had let that go, *convulse slightly*.

Any who, while I was there I realized they were a family.  He was the leader of the pack, my "hair" man, his wife was there, his daughter, her husband, a male cousin and his ADORABLE little granddaughter running around.  Of course I realized that by asking who every person was.  Enquiry minds want to know.  The cousin seemed to be the painter.  He painted a little girls nails the standard pink in under 15 seconds I think it was.  Okay it actually was.  I counted, I am OCD that way, it distracted me again from staring at the "hairs".  Whatever, just imagine living in this fucking head for a second.  Don't judge me! 

Okay okay back to the story.  When he wasn't painting, cousin was mixing, and thinning existing nail polishes.  I found it very distracting from the "hair" entertaining to watch.  His back was to me and in one hand he would shake a bottle up and down with the ferocity of a electric paint can shaker.  Just picture it.  Take a moment.  As fast as the paint machine, his back turned, one hand rapidly going up and down in front of him.  *snort*  If you don't get it, what it could have been, I am not sharing any more information, you don't deserve it until you put on your big girl/boy pants to get it.  

When the shaking was done, he had made and mixed this pretty awesome pink.  He took said pink and painted it on his long pinkie finger.  Just for your information, I have looked up said pinky finger and located the reason behind it.  Have you noticed like I that many men of Asian decent have this pinky finger with a long nail?  I have.  It is not that all Asian men do cocaine.  That's a Caucasian man.  LOL  In fact having that nail would be pretty stupid advertisement of a cocaine issue don't you think?  Hello, my name is Andy and I am not a cocaine user, the pinky, just forgot to clip it, *sniffle sniffle sniffle*.  In fact it signifies "wealthy and intelligent, and not a manual labourer".  Having all nails long gets in the way of daily life so they keep the pinky long as a traditional Asian representation of wealth.  Interesting isn't it?  No?  Fuck you then, I thought so.  Better than the other suggestion of used to dig shit out *gag* of the ear.  Oh my, I puked a little there. 

When my "wealthy, intelligent" cutie patootie cousin showed his painted long pinky to the adorable little granddaughter, now in her bathing suit (no idea why, no pool or lake in sight) she screamed, "that's a girl colour!".  He laughed and replied "no it's not".  "Yes it is" she screamed louder, laughing.  "No" he said, "it's not just a girl's colour".  Again, and louder as little ones often do to get their point across, "IT'S A GIRL COLOUR!". 

Now normally I am not known for speaking up, interrupting strangers for being misinformed but I saw this moment as a special time for me to interject.  See much earlier in the year my friend had posted how angry she was that her step son had been picked on at school for wearing his favorite colour, pink.  The girls and boys both teased him and he came home upset and didn't want to wear his favorite colour anymore.  His mom explained that it was okay, they were wrong and not very nice for that kind of picking on him, and maybe pink just stayed home with them.  Now my friend, the partner and step mom said, "that's bullshit, these parents and kids need to learn this is bullshit".  I wasn't totally offended or all uppity but I calmly wanted to say, as a parent, I had never come across that particular situation in my life where I had found myself needing to say and teach "wait a minute, pink isn't just for girls or for gay men etc".  I honestly had not.  The stores sell blues, and a range of other colours (not including pink) for my pre-teen step son.  And pinks and a range of other colours for my pre-teen step daughter.  It's just what's there, in the store, on the shelves.  Sure my husband has business shirts in various soft colours of pink and purple or pin striped, that's the norm, but the kids, nope.  So I never bought or tried to give my step son a pink shirt.  And the one time I bought a boys shirt for my step daughter in grey, she said "it's a boys shirt" and I replied "yep, but girls wear boys stuff all the time, half my shirts are your dads".  She wears it sometimes now, not often, but sometimes.  That's the only lesson I taught there, I didn't see a need in that flash of time to do more.  I am sure I was just trying in a nano second to get a shirt on her so I could do laundry, cook dinner, stop the house from burning down from her brother, feed the dog, feed the fish, etc etc.  It had been a teaching moment long before my friends child came home in tears.   Since then I have made sure to say things that indicate colour is colour, don't be asses.  My kids are older now, I can say that and they get I am not insulting them but saying don't be the type of person I need to insult = don't be asses.

There I was, in this public space, the nail salon, the family all around me, customers politely staying quiet.  Poor me, shy, not wanting to speak up as usual, but I turned to the adorable girl and said, "what's green then?".  See I had my plan ready, I am a genius that way.  It just appears in my head, a  life lesson, and it just comes out.  Okay maybe that's the bi polar impulse control issue but whatever, least I wasn't impulsing my way out of a crack house.  I was just talking nicely to a beautiful little girl.  She replied that green was "everyone's" after thinking about it for a bit with a scrunched up thinking face.  PERFECT my little disciple, the lesson shall commence.  Then I said, "why are you being so mean to pink then?"  Again her face scrunched up and she looked sad almost hurt.  Wait for it......and I followed with, "shouldn't pink be allowed to be everyone's too?"  She looked at me hard for a few minutes.  I held her look, bring it my child, bring it.  And she belted out, "okay" and ran off to play.  GOLD.  That moment in my life was just pure GOLD.  That's an everyone colour too just so you know.

Her father, working on my nails (wait, is that a boy or girl job?) said "she's just so young", and he smiled a smile of adoration for her.  And all I said with the same smile, cause she WAS freaking adorable, was "you're never too young".

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