About ME

I am by no means perfect.  In fact I am as about as flawed as flawed can be but at 43 I am finally starting to see flaws as things that simply make me ME.  Make me unique.  Make me lovable or dislikeable, depends on who's looking.

I spent 20 plus years on Bay Street in various positions of authority over a bunch of egotistical men and the women who tried to be one.  I was never gonna survive as to do so meant giving up every part of me fighting to get out.  The compassionate, caring and giving girl was being lost to the competitive, money hungry bitch that needed to be as mean as a rabid tazmanian devil to survive. 
I once announced I had a small surgery coming up and would be away.  Immediately upon announcing I was asked if "the doctor's were finally removing my balls" to which I had to reply, "yes, and I begged the doctor to give you a pair in return but no such luck!".  As fun as that was, when you reply like this to a little old bird in the check out line at the grocery store, it's time to call it quits.

I never looked back.  Okay that's not true, I looked back for a year, working from home.  Then I looked back for a year not knowing what to do with myself.  Then I spent two years taking over everything in my home and taking care of everyone else.  Then I spent the last few years arguing with doctors over what was "wrong" with me.  And now, today, I realize there's more right than wrong.

And here I is, writing to you fine folks with the grammatical skill and grace of Shakespear about stuff that pisses me off, or makes me happy, or simply needed to be talked about by me, or better, all three.  Whether you want to listen or not is up to you. 

Every day one thing is for sure, you have the choice to be happy, to be sad, to listen, to be closed off, to laugh, to cry.....okay now I am annoying myself.  You have a choice, read me or not, but I hope I make you laugh if you do.  My anger management and inability to impulse control is yours to enjoy.


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