Tuesday, February 28, 2017

89th Oscar After Party STUFF

I decided this year that I would take pictures from all the websites that cover entertainment and pull them into one place, here.  I will be sharing pictures from the Oscar Governor's Ball, the Vanity Fair after party, and Elton John's after party.   The pictures are pulled from the Oscar website, Just Jared, Vanity Fair's website, Perez Hilton, TMZ and US Magazine.  I think that covers them.  So instead of going to 8 websites you can just come here and I tell you that's where I got them, if you want more information go to their sites please and thank you.  I am just posting their pictures with my own commentary on the outfits.  

Vanity Fair always does the after party of the century or so I've read and each year they chose people to do special after party pics of.  Here are this years.

I love this dress on her.  Kinda wish she had of worn this on the red carpet.  

This is a strange angle shot of Miss Davis.  Her face and lips look weird but I kind of love it none the less.  

I will post their full outfits later and let's just say this wasn't my favourite of the night or even of hers.  

I love this all black on black on black man look.  

Here I am, beautiful, successful, and smart and you make me give an award to this jackass?

I'm not looking, I swear it Brie, I am not.  

Hey-Zuess and Mary she's got some body on her.  And he, *sigh*, he has some, everything.  Together they exude sexy. 

Queen Katy.

Yeah these two run a close second on that sex thing.  

Loved this dress. 

She is a bad ass. 

Sir Tom.

Sir Bulge in my Pants.

I dislike this outfit immensely, more later.  

Well hello there, are you new?  Did you come with the baby?  Because girl, it works. 


I am not a fan of the cocktail dress at a ball.  

He cracks me up.  I never knew he was a big partier, drunk, drugs etc.  That his wife cleaned him up.  

Vanity Fair had a photo booth but it was a snore really.

Her boobs are mesmerizing.

I will show you sexy....okay I can't, it's ridiculous.  

David Hasselhoff's daughters I am sure.

A Canadian Icon.  

Here are some of the party pics from the nights. 

It's a wee harsh of a look but she won an Oscar, she hardly cares.  

Weirdest couple alert. 

Do you think if I slapped the one on the right that little furrow pained look on his face would change. It's not cute anymore, it's just annoying.  

I'm loving the blue and the velvet tie.  I am.  I am not sure why but I am.  

She's very old Hollywood looking.  Especially with the one arched brow look.

Damn gurl.  Look at them things.  5 kids isn't it?

See her face looks weird.  

Is she always this happy or just because she is apparently living in Brad Pitt's pants?  

I freakin' told you the look I was sporting on Oscar night had a Jared Leto vibe to it.  See, it did!  We both looked homeless.  


Drunk and hiding?

Just plain silliness. 

Another Bad ass.  Hate the fur.  Doubt it's real knowing her, don't hate it any less because it's faux.  I love that finally I feel like I am aging properly.  Some of them Hollywood folk actually let their faces just age.  And we all thank you for it.  

Hey MJ, Dumb and Dumber called for their wig back.  They are gonna be pissed you dyed it blond. And Gabrielle, NO.  NO NO NO.  Go home and put some fucking clothes on!

All those lips are Jagger lips.  Look at his son, look at the lips.  There is no way you don't know who's son that is.  

Excuse me?  Would you mind moving that candle away from me.  The heat melts me.  

If it weren't for her I would hate all of this.  I actually like her dress, it's fun, but not with hair like that.  It becomes a big accessory on an already big dress.  NO!
And you know how I feel about those two boys....so annoying.    

See there is a wrong lighting for everyone!

If I were Amy I would sue them for this picture being published.  I can't wait for Will and Grace.  I miss Karen every day.

There's the dress I mentioned above.  Hate it.  I am not a high fashion girl.  This is art to many.  To me its a mistake.  

Jimmy Iovine the bazillionaire and his wife.  She left her husband after he was caught making out with a sexually confused Kristen Stewart in a Zoo.  She left him and got this as his replacement.  Score one for her I'd say.  

True Old Hollywood looking Grand but barely working. Cause only old men get work.  Old ladies get put out to pasture I guess.  

Such an odd couple.  Me thinks he smoked too much. 

Someone needs to flick whatever is on his chin off his chin. 

When I get home I am gonna.....

My wife sir, my wife.  

An odd pairing.

Mrs. Sting is so amazing.  Look at the peace in her face.  Must be all the kama sutra.  With Sting no less.  I'd look peaceful too.  

Does anyone else think they look alike?

Oh this, this thing, it's my evidence.  I plan on keeping it forever, or at least until the doctors deem me capable of taking care of myself.  Seriously dude why didn't you just say, "I think I have the wrong card.  Someone, anyone?"

We love you in our movie, have we told you that today?

Oh just fuck off already.  How may times must I say it?

Boys of Lead Acting. 

His son.  I shit you not.  

I couldn't love two women more than these two sharing in the world together.  

And now for the red carpet change ups some of which you have seen some of here already.  

You go home to your Mother and show her what you left the house in and stop doing that with your mouth immediately.  Bad girl.  

This kid crushed the red carpets this year. 

I will see your bony white leg Angelina and raise you this Cabo sun drenched Yoga leg.  Suck it.  How's the family?  (Too far?)

Seriously it's like she is made of wax.  It's so perfect that it becomes weirdly wax like. 

Yep, taking her home tonight.  Yep.  Even though I haven't washed or brushed my hair in a month and I stole my tie from Billy Bob Thornton, I get to take her home.  

I really like this dress.  

Jesus it's the Queen of the Reptiles. 

I like this, a lot.  

I dislike this a lot.  

I really like this.  I almost like it better than her red number at the show.  

And I definitely like this better than her black number at the show.  

I think you can guess which I like better by a million times over.  That gold thing was a mess.  I love the brown.  

I love the bright colours against her skin so much but the shoes.  I don't give a rats about comfort when it comes to the red carpet.  If you want comfort then go bold and throw some Stan Smith's on.  Go for it or don't.  No half ways please. 

Bad ass. 

I would have swapped these entirely.  

I am just going to call her "The Body" from now on.  

Nope, now I think you are right stuck in the 80s.  

Well she's annoying.  Red.  White.  Whatever.  


Sassy old dame.

She looks amazing with some meat on her bones, wow.  And the meat is his baby in there.  *sigh*  Gorgeous.  Their baby will be gorgeous.  

Threesome.  Me, him, her.  Yes please.  *puts down donut*

That's pretty spectacular really.  Well done kid.  

One step from Cheetos land lady.  Be careful, you're treading.  

I just want the hair to look clean is all.  

No idea who the dumbfounded Republican Transvestite is holding up but it sure isn't women's, gays, or trans rights.  

Like I said, I've told Jim Carrey where his wig is for DD3 but otherwise not bad honey.  

I'm really caught off guard at this youngsters beauty and talent.  

Well I don't know about you but this is how all women should look a few days after a baby.  

So much dress then the hair.  No no no.  Tone down the hair honey.  Sleek with fluff.  Oh you don't care what I have too say.  You're probably worth a cool hundred mill.  

Beautiful, yes.  Appropriate, no.

If I were 22 with a bottom like that I would wear it too.  

Half woman half honey bee.  

This is NOT Dancing with the Stars.  

If I ever see her in person I am going to poke her to see if she's made of human skin.  

She doesn't do it for me, never has.  Pretty though, and pretty dress to.  Bored though.  


Fun Fact.  The Mara family, made up of sister actors Kate and Rooney (above).  Actually have large interests in two NFL teams.  Steelers and Giants I believe it is.  Apparently Sunday nights are hard in their house.  I want the TV, no I want the TV.  


I mean seriously really?  And she makes a million bucks a show for a half hour show.  

This one makes a million dollars a minute whether working or not.  Love her new tune.  Very catchy.  

Nicely done Brie.  

Yep I see nipple too.  So trashy.  Gross.  

Hi my name is...
Hi my name is...
Hi my name is Frumpy.

 Don't care how beautiful you are this is one ugly choice of clothes.


I love when these super models do soft, not overtly in your face.  There is no need when you are this beautiful.  Gorgeous.  

I really like this.  I think at some point she is going to have to realize age is catching up and lose some of the dark eyes, tanning etc.  but I still like it.  

I like it but then I get to her chest and wonder where it went?

I think I am starting to get over the do too.  

She is starting to look a little haggard.  I can say that only because I am too.  I can relate.  Two parties, one night, two dresses.  Why not.  Like them both.  

Disney called they want the rights to her back.  

Who doesn't look this good pregnant?


This is more the hair I want on all the busy dresses.  This is perfect.  Why she looks so stunned I cannot say.  

Did you think sex doll too?

See you can be overtly sexy without having to have it all hang out everywhere.  

Another bad ass girl.  

Furnish has been Eltoned.  

I'm sad because I never knew my President would do this to my children.  I didn't know that the born again Vice President wouldn't be good for the LGBTQ community.


She's such a loon but I freakin' love this.  

And this.  I think with her Emmy win she got a Stylist maybe?

I love it.  I hate it.  No, I love it.  Wait no.....

Dress, from Target.
Tan, from Walmart.
Hair, from my Mom's bathroom.
All kinds of wrong.

Who looks in the mirror and says a corset with a dog collar and severe hair would look good anywhere outside the S&M bar?

The Grand Dame of all.  Elton's muse.  

I liked her Emmy dress.  I am not a fan of this.  Her hair and makeup are perfect.  I don't like this dress.  I wish there were more options for the bigger girls.  I hope she finds them.  Or they find her.  

Oh 'bert.  I kinda dig it.

And then use the dirt I dug above to bury this.  

Miss Lewis, I approve of the Princess look but not if you are going to look this uncomfortable in it.  

Not too bad squirt.

This is not a cruise ship dance.  

They didn't mean dress up that way.  

I don't know what this is.  It's a "Lady Victoria Harvey".  I still don't know what that means.  

And I am out.  You're welcome.  See you next year.